• Greatly reduces the possibility of foil wrinkling
  • Ideal for applying multi-color heat transfers
  • Reduces foil "fringing" (ragged edges)
  • Roller will follow part countours
  • Foil stripping delay insures proper post curing and better adhesion
  • Eliminates foil preheating
  • Reduces foil waste

Kensol/Franklin 400ME Series Decorating Equipment

    The roll on technique is used extensively to apply roll leaf(wood grain, brushed chrome, bright metallics, argent silvers, pigment colors) and multi-color heat transfers onto broad areas (appliance and automotive parts, audio and vidio cabinets, furniture components). This technique is also used to apply a decorative coating to raised areas on molded plastic parts (signs, displays, toys, cosmetic packaging).



  • 8" Diameter x 8" Wide Heater Hood. Other widths available.
  • 24" Adjustable Horizontal Travel. Assembly Guided by Linear Bearings and Powered by a DC Motor Driven Ball Screw. Other Travel Lengths Available.
  • 6" Vertical head Stroke. Head Assembly Geuided by (4) Die Shoe Type Linear Bearings and Driven by an Adjustable Stroke Air Cylinder.
  • Clutch Driven Silicone Rubber Roller Insures Synchronization to Traverse Speed.
  • Independent Letdown and Rewind Foil Assemblies for Proper Web Stripping.
  • Magnetic Particle Brake on Letdown for Web Tension. Adjustable Elecric Eye with 2-speed Motor/Brake Drive for Accurate Heat Transfer Location.
  • Ground Steel Worktable, sized to Suit Head Width and Horizontal Travel.
  • Standard 12" Shut Height.
  • Prgrammable controller with Operator Interface for all Machine Functions.
  • Solid State Proportioning Temperature Control with Non-contact Temperature Sensor.
  • Two Hand Safety "Lite Touch" Buttons for Press Actuation.
  • Rotary Index Table, or Power Slide Tables Available for Increased Production, Safety and Ease of Loading/Unloading Large Parts.
  • Emergency Air Blast Safety Curcuit for Roller Protection.
  • 220 VAC, 1 Phase.


Direct Air Hot Stamping Press (.5 Ton, 1 Ton, 2.5 Ton)

Air-Operated Double Toggle Hot Stamping Press (5 Ton)

Linear Wedge Air-Operated Hot Stamping Press (10/15 Ton)

Options & Accessories for Hot Stamping Presses

Moving Head Roll-On Machine (Model 400ME)

Franklin Series (164 Hot Stamp Roll to Roll Label Presses)

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