The THOMSON Gravity Delivery Series

The Thomson Gravity Delivery System

With the Thomson Gravity Delivery system integrated in your Thomson, you need only feed stock into the press. Stock handling is cut in half, drastically increasing speeds and production by as much as 50%. With Thomson's built in strength and reliability, job quality reaches levels not possible on other presses: the gravity delivery system allows diecutting without nicking the die--or your finished product.

How Does Gravity Delivery work?

Gravity Delivery is made possible by moveable register guides which separate at impression, allowing the sheet to fall through the delivery chute to the conveyor. This allows modifications to the die for cutting waste into small pieces, making separation of waste and finished product easier than ever--remember, no stripping is required since there are no nicks. Of course, the moveable register guides may be turned off at any time, allowing for normal hand-fed operation.


The Thomson Gravity Delivery System
is available on the following presses:

22" x 32" 28" x 41" 33" x 42" 38" x 54" 44" x 66" 50" x 80" 50" x 96"


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