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CLUTCH AND BRAKE: Both a mechanical full revolution clutch and an air clutch and brake are available on the MODEL "C" PRESSES.

The 3C, 5C and 10C PRESSES are equipped with combination air clutch and spring set brake. The 15C and 20C PRESSES have separate air clutch and spring applied air released disc brake. Air clutch controls are manufactured to our interpretation of OSHA section 1910,217(b).

Controls for hands in die operation are available.

CRANKSHAFTS: Crankshafts are made from alloy steel, turned from bar and ground to close tolerance.

SLIDE & GIBS: Ways are 90 degrees "V" and ground for accuracy. Connections are ball and socket with threaded adjustment for close ball seat clearance.

FRAME: Frames are one piece cast iron and are designed to minimize deflection and maintain accuracy.

LUBRICATION: Lubrication is provided by oil cup or optional one shot or automatic cyclic lubrication systems.

AUTOMATIC FEEDING EQUIPMENT: The MODEL "C" PRESSES can be equipped with many types of roll or dial feeds: mechanical, electronic or air feeds are available as well as cam driven and standard dial feeds. Please contact the factory with your specific requirements.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: There are many different frame options available to provide the depth of throat and open height to suit your requirements.

Optional stroke lengths up to 4" are available depending on press size.

Other options include stands, inclining legs and attachments, crossbar knockouts, bolster plate (standard or special), non standard die shank hole, back gearing, bronze gibs, air balance, tool kits and work lights.

DRIVE: MODEL "C" PRESSES can be equipped with fixed or variable speed drives. Mechanical variable speed drives, eddy current drives and D.C. drives are available depending on your requirements.

Press speeds from 30 to 750 strokes per minute can be furnished. Please contact the factory with your requirements.

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