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High speed presses require special attention to lubrication. A recirculating oil system has been developed which offers maximum protection to bearings and also prevents oil from dripping on the dies or work in progress ... with little oil consumption.


A separate air clutch and spring set air release brake, controlled by the PERKINS PATENTED ROTARY LIMIT SWITCH and CONTROLS, provide the fastest possible stopping. "S" Series presses can be stopped in less than one revolution at speeds to 800 SPM. The patented rotary limit switch is calibrated and can be easily set for any press speed. The air clutch controls provide the following functions: single stroke 9 jog * continuous run 0 top stop 10 micro-switch tie-in provisions for emergency stop and top stop 0 remote plug for single and continuous operation with top stop 0 manual control (disconnects all electrical controls, engages clutch and releases brake).


"S" Series Presses can be equipped with many types of feeds. Complete packages can be supplied including all kinds of feeding, material handling, straightening and scrap cutting equipment. Perkins engineers will be glad to work with you on your requirements.


  • Adjustable stroke
  • frame mounted wheel
  • tie rods
  • spacer tubes
  • motorized slide adjustment
  • variable speed motors
  • electric remote speed control
  • electric tachometer
  • air counter balance
  • cyclical lubrication system
  • pre-determined stroke counter Is die cushion
  • low air pressure cut-out switch
  • J.I.C. slide and bolster plates
  • vibration mounts
  • safety cover over guard slot prevents motor from running when cover is open bumping attachment.


The Series "S" press is designed for quick, accurate and easy die changing. The slide adjustment is self-locking and is run by a speed wrench or optional motor. The worm and wheel design provides for accurate adjustment.


Bed to slide is accurate to .001 per foot of bed length, right to left and front to back. Slide has accurate vertical travel to .001 which is extremely important with expensive dies. The die shank hole is square to the slide face. All of these construction features result in extra long die life and provides a press which is ideal for carbide dies. Tolerances to .0005 are available at extra cost.


A solid base is standard for presses running at high speeds. At high speeds, stability is held to a maximum. Inclining legs are available.


Crankshafts are equipped with counterweights which smooth the action at high speeds. Air cylinder counterbalances are available.

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