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Perkins Series T straight side presses, manufactured in capacities from 22 to 150 tons, are designed to meet the exacting requirements for presses capable of handling the increasingly more complex dies used by today's stamping industry.

FRAMES are four piece all steel welded construction units designed to resist twisting and bending forces. Frame members are keyed together and joined by heavy tie rods prestressed to a load insuring an exceedingly strong and rugged press. The area supporting the gibs is constructed of heavy steel plate strongly ribbed to provide rigid and accurate ways for the slide.

SLIDE box type welded steel construction reinforced with heavy ribs for ultimate rigidity. Ways are fitted with bronze wear plates and all surfaces are hand scraped to master surface plates resulting in parallel ways square with the bottom.

BED box type welded construction designed to support press loads with minimum deflection.

SLIDE WAYS are made long and are always contained within the gibs during the stroke and at all points of slide adjustment, this combined with close clearances and the use of precision instruments during the several inspections insures a vertical travel of the slide in keeping with Perkins high standards of quality.

CONNECTIONS are barrel type with deep housings insuring good support at limit of adjustment.

CROSS HEAD box type welded construction of deep section for maximum rigidity with crankshaft supported up close to all bearings.

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